“Mentions of Gender in Comparative Education Review, 1957-2016”

How has the Comparative Education Review (CER) — and the field of comparative education more broadly — changed over its first 50 or so years?...
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Becoming Rwandan: Education, Reconciliation, and the Making of a Post-Genocide Citizen

Becoming Rwandan explores the understudied role of education in facilitating peacebuilding and transitional justice in societies that have experienced violent conflict. The literature on peacebuilding...
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Book Launch: Advances in Gender Research: Gender and Practice (two volumes)

Gender and Practice: Insights from the Field is the first of two volumes in Advances in Gender Research (Emerald) series that aims to forge a...
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Second Chance Program factors influencing Girls’ Capacity and Math Achievement

Relevance: The Right to Education in Act in India has seen an increase in girls’ access to education. However, social and cultural hurdles to retaining...
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