Student Retention

Can student achievement in primary education predict secondary school dropouts in India?

While the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in primary schools in India is recorded at 95, the ratio falls to 62.5 in secondary schools. Over 47...
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An exploration of the factors affecting the re-enrolment and retention of teen mothers in ASAL regions of Kenya

As part of the DFID funded Girls Education Challenge Kenya, Education Development Trust commissioned research to understand the challenges faced by adolescent mothers within their...
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Experiences of First-Year Chinese International Students Who Are on Academic Probation

In the 21st century, the enrollment of international students in U.S. higher education has increased sharply. When their enrollment number is growing, the student success...
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Second Chance Program factors influencing Girls’ Capacity and Math Achievement

Relevance: The Right to Education in Act in India has seen an increase in girls’ access to education. However, social and cultural hurdles to retaining...
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