Quantitative Methods

The relationship between the teacher individual characteristics and their ICT using

There are ambiguous attitudes to ICT by different users In the educational process, but the use of technology still becomes important. There are various factors...
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A Global-Local Paradox: The Influence of International Schools on Egyptian Students

This study seeks to understand the influence of global-local connections in the context of international schools in Egypt. The goal of this study is to...
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The Influence of family paper books and electronic devices on Their Scientific Achievements:Based on PISA2015 China (B-J-S-G) Data

Abstract The purpose of this study is to empirically investigate the type and quantity of middle school students’ family paper books and electronic devices factors...
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A study on the achievement difference of gender minority students in Chinese top universities with gender imbalance

Does the gender in scarcity receive preference or neglect? In China, the gender ratio of undergraduate students is stable at about 47% for males, and...
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Second Chance Program factors influencing Girls’ Capacity and Math Achievement

Relevance: The Right to Education in Act in India has seen an increase in girls’ access to education. However, social and cultural hurdles to retaining...
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