Northern America

What’s in the Water? Exploring watery relations of female youth through art

Paying particular attention to climate change and its intersections with water, this presentation will consider research conducted in the summer of 2018 and 2019 in...
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Non-Cognitive Variables and Science Achievement in the United States of America and China: Evidence from PISA 2015

Non-cognitive variables are important indicators for students’ achievement. The study examines the relationship between non-cognitive variables and science achievement using PISA 2015 data at both...
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School Violence in International Contexts

This international edited volume is a rare look at cultural, economic and political forces that contribute to school violence. In light of the devastating events...
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Financial Literacy and Curriculum: A Comparative Study of the United States and China

Introduction As the global financial market has grown, achieving better educational attainment and financial literacy competence for enhancing the quality of life are equally important...
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Immigrant parental involvement: Rules of the game and resistance to normative involvement

Parental involvement has been traditionally seen as an important factor for the academic achievement of students (Goodall, 2017; Wilder, 2014) and improvement of schools (Nawrotzki,...
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Experiences of First-Year Chinese International Students Who Are on Academic Probation

In the 21st century, the enrollment of international students in U.S. higher education has increased sharply. When their enrollment number is growing, the student success...
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