Migración, educación y política pública desde la mirada latinoamericana

Los últimos años han presenciado el incremento de los flujos migratorios a nivel mundial. De acuerdo con Acnur (2017), 2016 fue el año con el...
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Effects of study abroad on career: The case of graduates from a Japanese university

This paper aims to investigate the effects of study abroad on the competence acquisition of graduates and their career development after graduation in Japan. This...
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Seafaring Nomads: Sedentary Schools

Nomads and refugees – among the most marginalized social groups in this globalized era – expose tension between two otherwise-agreeable maxims: that all children have...
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Reflecting on the Experiences of Syrian Refugee Young Adults in Adult Education in Quebec: the Practitioner’s Perspective

In 2016, Canada admitted the largest number of refugees in a single year in nearly four decades (World Vision, 2018). Around 18,000 of them settled...
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Immigrant parental involvement: Rules of the game and resistance to normative involvement

Parental involvement has been traditionally seen as an important factor for the academic achievement of students (Goodall, 2017; Wilder, 2014) and improvement of schools (Nawrotzki,...
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Postgraduation Residency Plans of Doctoral Students from Sub-Saharan Africa

For the past six years (i.e., 2012-2017), approximately 39,479 citizens from sub-Saharan African countries migrated to the United States to pursue a tertiary degree. Upon...
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