Marginalized Voices

Deficit as a way of life?: Land, education and gender in a local village community in India

In this paper, I explore the implications of the international education and development discourse for a local village community living in contexts of precarity in...
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The LGBTQ+ Presidency: Examining factors that predict the visibility and advancement of LGBTQ+ leaders in higher education

In many parts of the United States, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (LGBTQ+) communities have enjoyed increasing recognition of their social, political, and economic...
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Negotiating My Ethnicity: How Higher Education Matters?

Higher education has long been acknowledged for its importance in fostering student identity development. Focusing on Chinese American college students in a predominately white institution...
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Voices Unheard: Religious minority students navigate Pakistan’s higher education system

Religion-based violence and intolerance is often fueled by the education system of Pakistan, largely through the biased portrayals of religious minorities in textbooks (Afzal, 2017)....
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“Urban Slum Education”: A Case Study of Children’s Experience in Jakarta

Fast-paced expansion of urban poverty entailed the proliferation of slum population, estimated 881 million worldwide (UN-Habitat, 2016). The international community’s action-making on the Sustainable Development...
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Seafaring Nomads: Sedentary Schools

Nomads and refugees – among the most marginalized social groups in this globalized era – expose tension between two otherwise-agreeable maxims: that all children have...
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Childhood Disability, Advocacy and Inclusion in the Caribbean: A Trinidad/Tobago Case Study

Book launch flyer: Childhood Disability, Advocacy and Inclusion in the Caribbean: A Trinidad/Tobago Case Study

Assessing the transformative potential of UNRWA’s Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, and Tolerance (HRCRT) curriculum for Palestinian refugees

Human rights advocates and institutions around the world, particularly the United Nations, have acknowledged that establishing a culture of human rights hinges upon human rights...
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Read to be Happy: Children and the Community Leading Educational Innovations in Lempira, Honduras

To move education beyond traditional boundaries of western pedagogy towards the principle that learning is stimulated when not imposed, we need to open the educational...
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