Inclusive Education

Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities in STEM Education: Implications for Inclusive Education

In response to the increasing diversity of learners, it is extremely significant to provide equitable access to quality education to nurture the growth and development...
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Inclusive Education in Pakistan: Perspectives of Administrators & Teachers

The inclusive education movement has been identified as one of the most “important developments in contemporary special education” (Artiles, Harris-Murri & Rostenberg, 2006, p.260). Assisted...
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Childhood Disability, Advocacy and Inclusion in the Caribbean: A Trinidad/Tobago Case Study

Book launch flyer: Childhood Disability, Advocacy and Inclusion in the Caribbean: A Trinidad/Tobago Case Study

Global Briefs: Educating for the Social, the Emotional, and the Sustainable

1. Description NISSEM – a networking initiative launched at a CIES 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop – addresses challenges faced in pursuing the global goals of education...
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Read to be Happy: Children and the Community Leading Educational Innovations in Lempira, Honduras

To move education beyond traditional boundaries of western pedagogy towards the principle that learning is stimulated when not imposed, we need to open the educational...
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Bringing Education for the Hardest to Reach: An Assessment of the Girls Access to Education Programme in Nepal

Background: UNICEF’s Let Us Learn Programme seeks to improve access to education and learning outcomes for the most marginalized children in five countries. In Nepal,...
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Examining Language Policy in Moroccan Public Education: Towards a More Diverse and Socially Equitable Education

Language policy in Moroccan public education has been a highly debated and controversial issue given the nation’s complex history (Boutieri, 2016; Tomaštík, 2010; Zouhir, 2014)....
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A Critical Discourse Investigation of the Development of Cultural Views in an Advanced College-level Arabic Course in North America

A gap in the critical cultural and critical literacy research paradigm in foreign language teaching (FLT) and teaching Arabic as a foreign language (TAFL) at...
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