Human Rights Education

Monitoring education for sustainable development and global citizenship education: A systematic review of the literature

Focus/purpose The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), approved by the United Nations in 2015, include a focus on education for sustainable development (ESD) and global citizenship...
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Affective Social Education: Toward a Hopeful Future

Background Throughout the history of Social and Political Science, many theories, philosophies, and schools of thought have surged. These all have one common thread, that...
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Becoming Rwandan: Education, Reconciliation, and the Making of a Post-Genocide Citizen

Becoming Rwandan explores the understudied role of education in facilitating peacebuilding and transitional justice in societies that have experienced violent conflict. The literature on peacebuilding...
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Global Briefs: Educating for the Social, the Emotional, and the Sustainable

1. Description NISSEM – a networking initiative launched at a CIES 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop – addresses challenges faced in pursuing the global goals of education...
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The Bloomsbury Handbook of Global Education and Learning

Learning about global issues and themes has become an increasingly recognised element of education in many countries around the world. Terms such as global learning,...
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Assessing the transformative potential of UNRWA’s Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, and Tolerance (HRCRT) curriculum for Palestinian refugees

Human rights advocates and institutions around the world, particularly the United Nations, have acknowledged that establishing a culture of human rights hinges upon human rights...
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