Early Childhood Education

Integrating Romani Children into Mainstream Education in the Czech Republic through Community Mobilization

The Romani people are an Indo-Aryan ethnic minority in the Czech Republic, originally an iterant, traveling community settled in various European countries (Hancock, 2003). There...
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Sesame Street in Korea: Another Case of Globalization

Sesame Street, one of the most successful educational broadcasting programs, was launched in the United States in November 1969 by Children’s Television Workshop (CTW). CTW’s...
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The Bloomsbury Handbook of Global Education and Learning

Learning about global issues and themes has become an increasingly recognised element of education in many countries around the world. Terms such as global learning,...
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Read to be Happy: Children and the Community Leading Educational Innovations in Lempira, Honduras

To move education beyond traditional boundaries of western pedagogy towards the principle that learning is stimulated when not imposed, we need to open the educational...
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Where is Our Home?

Targeting children ages 5 to 7, this book uses simple English and Standard Arabic words, along with illustrations and visuals, to tell a story of...
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