Addressing SRGBV through School Leadership and Community Engagement in the USAID Liberia Accelerated Quality Education for Liberian Children Activity

Evidence shows that children’s potential for academic achievement and social and emotional development are maximized when the school environment is positive, safe and nurturing with...
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A study on the mechanism of social participation and community-based adult learning in the context of Japan super-aging society

Japan is now facing huge challenges of economic growth and sustainable development under the situation of increasing aging population and rapid declining birth-rate. In this...
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Deficit as a way of life?: Land, education and gender in a local village community in India

In this paper, I explore the implications of the international education and development discourse for a local village community living in contexts of precarity in...
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The contribution of the Teachers’ Civic Competencies, outside the subject-matter of “civics education”, in developing the students’ Civic Agency in Lebanese schools.

The poster summarizes a study done on a sample representing the variety of the Lebanese schools, which reflect the diversity of the Lebanese plural society,...
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Integrating Romani Children into Mainstream Education in the Czech Republic through Community Mobilization

The Romani people are an Indo-Aryan ethnic minority in the Czech Republic, originally an iterant, traveling community settled in various European countries (Hancock, 2003). There...
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