Negotiating My Ethnicity: How Higher Education Matters?

Higher education has long been acknowledged for its importance in fostering student identity development. Focusing on Chinese American college students in a predominately white institution...
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“Urban Slum Education”: A Case Study of Children’s Experience in Jakarta

Fast-paced expansion of urban poverty entailed the proliferation of slum population, estimated 881 million worldwide (UN-Habitat, 2016). The international community’s action-making on the Sustainable Development...
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Experiences with Civic Identity and Belonging: The Case of Resettled Refugee and Newcomer Students in U.S. Schools

The rise of mass global displacement poses challenges to the nation-state and conceptions of citizenship and rights (Bloemraad, Korteweg, and Yurdakul 2008; Castles 2017; Miller-Idriss...
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A Global-Local Paradox: The Influence of International Schools on Egyptian Students

This study seeks to understand the influence of global-local connections in the context of international schools in Egypt. The goal of this study is to...
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Where is Our Home?

Targeting children ages 5 to 7, this book uses simple English and Standard Arabic words, along with illustrations and visuals, to tell a story of...
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