Asia: South-Eastern Asia

Private Schooling and Tutoring at Scale in South Asia

The chapter reviews trends and reasons for increased private schooling and tutoring in South Asia, and the systemic implications and governance strategies to tackle this proliferation. Focusing...
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Out-of- School Children and Regional Disparity in Lao PDR : Focus on the Education Access and Quality

In Lao PDR, the number of Out of School Children(OOSC) remains 50,332 as of 2018. Most of them live in remote areas where the infrastructure...
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“Urban Slum Education”: A Case Study of Children’s Experience in Jakarta

Fast-paced expansion of urban poverty entailed the proliferation of slum population, estimated 881 million worldwide (UN-Habitat, 2016). The international community’s action-making on the Sustainable Development...
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Seafaring Nomads: Sedentary Schools

Nomads and refugees – among the most marginalized social groups in this globalized era – expose tension between two otherwise-agreeable maxims: that all children have...
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Craft Education in India: Potential Educational Counter Spaces Beyond Utilitarian, Neoliberal Models

This research argues that formal craft education in India has the potential to provide a viable educational counter space to global mainstream educational approaches and...
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Youth and the National Narrative: Education, Terrorism and the Security State in Pakistan

The role of the security establishment in Pakistan has been strengthened in a post-Musharraf era as social institutions are increasingly drawn into the security agenda....
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