Alternative Ways of Knowing

Supporting Formal School Systems in Liberia with Accelerated Education Programming

This presentation discusses three ways AEP supports the Liberian formal education system which may be considered for other settings. The Accelerated Quality Education for Liberian...
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Comparisons of «Subject talk» in Classroom Assessment – tracing Educational Policy across School Subjects and Classroom practices

Proposal In Norway, as well as in many other countries, there has been a growing focus on measurement of learning outcomes (author 2010, 2015). A...
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From the civilizing mission of apocalypse to a decolonial praxis of sustainable innovation: Caribbean as capitalist and post-capitalist crucible

In this poster, I present the Caribbean as a historic site for the development of Capitalism and now–in the face of intense climate change–as a...
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Seafaring Nomads: Sedentary Schools

Nomads and refugees – among the most marginalized social groups in this globalized era – expose tension between two otherwise-agreeable maxims: that all children have...
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Origins and Traditions in Comparative Education

This volume aims to expand knowledge about the history of comparative education. It explores new scholarship on key actors and ways of knowing in the...
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