Occupying Schools, Occupying Land

Over the past thirty-five years the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST), one of the largest social movements in Latin America, has become famous globally for...
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The Bloomsbury Handbook of Global Education and Learning

Learning about global issues and themes has become an increasingly recognised element of education in many countries around the world. Terms such as global learning,...
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Assessing the transformative potential of UNRWA’s Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, and Tolerance (HRCRT) curriculum for Palestinian refugees

Human rights advocates and institutions around the world, particularly the United Nations, have acknowledged that establishing a culture of human rights hinges upon human rights...
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Specialized Schools in Israel: A Critical Policy Analysis of the Past Three Decades

Although Israel aspires for equity, its students’ academic achievement distribution is characterized by large gaps compared with other OECD countries (OECD, 2018) Moreover, there is...
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