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Mainstream schools as shadow education providers in the Czech Republic

Shadow education is a global phenomenon encompassing various forms and types of private supplementary tutoring (Bray, 1999). Scholarly literature so far mainly focused on fee-based...
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Out-of- School Children and Regional Disparity in Lao PDR : Focus on the Education Access and Quality

In Lao PDR, the number of Out of School Children(OOSC) remains 50,332 as of 2018. Most of them live in remote areas where the infrastructure...
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Affective Social Education: Toward a Hopeful Future

Background Throughout the history of Social and Political Science, many theories, philosophies, and schools of thought have surged. These all have one common thread, that...
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“Urban Slum Education”: A Case Study of Children’s Experience in Jakarta

Fast-paced expansion of urban poverty entailed the proliferation of slum population, estimated 881 million worldwide (UN-Habitat, 2016). The international community’s action-making on the Sustainable Development...
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Specialized Schools in Israel: A Critical Policy Analysis of the Past Three Decades

Although Israel aspires for equity, its students’ academic achievement distribution is characterized by large gaps compared with other OECD countries (OECD, 2018) Moreover, there is...
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The Impact of Psychosocial Support on Children’s Well-being and Academic Performance in South Sudan

This paper presents findings from an 18-month long study conducted in 60 schools across 5 South Sudanese states on the impact of psychosocial support as...
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