Online Paper Session

Beyond the Western Horizon in Educational Research: Towards a Deeper Dialogue About our Interdependent Futures

(Click here to download a PDF of the session transcript) This panel includes a selection of papers from a Special Issue of ECNU (East China...
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Sustainability, citizenship, and equity in education around the world

This virtual session examines the issues of sustainability, citizenship and equity in education in different geographic areas and sociocultural contexts, including North America, Iran, Romania,...
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Sustainability, Social Justice & Education Reform for New Futures

This session includes four presentations, discussing sustainability, social justice, and education reform for new futures. The papers cover a wide range of urgent policy issues,...
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Migration, community, and collaboration in a changing world

This session includes five presentations on the theme of migration, community, and collaboration in a changing world. It examines issues related to transdisciplinary collaboration on...
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Experimenting with and Rethinking Education in the Anthropocene

This session features four papers, which aim to rethink and experiment with education in the anthropocene, challenging us to rethink the ‘human’ in ‘humanitarianism, questioning...
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Educating during Anthropocene

This virtual panel examines education in the anthropocene from different perspectives, including our relationship with plastic, socioscientific issues of biosecurity and indigenous knowledge in education....
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