National-Global Dynamics in Global High Schools’ Websites in South Korea


 Presenter (s) Jihee Han, CIES

This study illustrates how the discourse of global/international public high schools in the South Korea approach to the concepts of global citizens and global citizenship education by examining the ideological assumption that functions in the discourse. For this purpose, I conducted a Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) by using the discourse on the websites of the public global/international high schools in South Korea. In the findings, I highlight three discursive features generated through the analysis: 1) considering global citizens as global leaders, 2) the patriotic approach to the global, and 3) the blending of the national and the global. Throughout the findings, this research reveals that the approaches of global citizenship education are based on the problematic assumption about globalization and global citizen; An instrumentalist perspective and the issue of differentiation between students.

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