Inclusive Education in Pakistan: Perspectives of Administrators & Teachers


 Presenter (s) Kazmi, Anum, The College of New Jersey; Rao, Shridevi, The College of New Jersey

The inclusive education movement has been identified as one of the most “important developments in contemporary special education” (Artiles, Harris-Murri & Rostenberg, 2006, p.260). Assisted by major legal policies in the United States and the United Kingdom, inclusive education now is a part of the global discourse on education and is visible in several key international policy documents (Peters, 2007). Recent literature on inclusive education draws attention to problems created by exporting inclusive education to parts of the Global South (Kamenopoulou, 2018; Richard, 2014). This literature draws attention to various problems including the tendency to ignore local understandings of disability, the contradictions between policy and practice, and the creation of further segregation of children with disabilities (Kalyanpur, 2008). This study focuses on local understandings of inclusive education in Pakistan. Data for this study are being collected with the use of qualitative methodology where the focus is on the subjects’ frame of reference (Bogdan & Biklen, 2006) and the insider’s perspective (Fetterman, 1988). In-depth interviews will be conducted with five administrators and five teachers across two inclusive english medium private schools in Pakistan. Preliminary themes indicate local definitions of inclusive education, current barriers, as well as alternative approaches.

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