ICT as a tool for women empowerment in developing countries: Peru & Afghanistan.


 Presenter (s) Alejandra Abusada, University of Pennsylvania

In developing countries, gender gaps are still very broad, especially in patriarchal societies where men are considered to be superior to women. One of the causes and consequences of gender inequalities is that women have very limited access to education. Having access to technological devices can help minority populations, such as women, strive for equality, as ICT can help women access information about relevant topics for them, such as parenting, agriculture, and market trends, thus helping them getting involved in local markets and increasing their income. In the present topic review, I will center my research in two developing countries marked by gender inequalities: Peru and Afghanistan. I will do extensive research to learn what ICT programs have been developed for promoting gender equality, as well as their positive and negative implications. Furthermore, these findings will be complemented with my critical opinion about future.

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