Experimenting with and Rethinking Education in the Anthropocene


 Presenter (s) Zsuzsa Millei, Tampere University & Sirpa Lappalainen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Nisha Toomey, University of Toronto
Gilberto Batista, Presidente de la Asociación de Pedagogos de Cuba
Janna Goebel, Arizona State University
 Discussant (s) Marianne Larsen, Western University, Canada
Inés Dussel, CINVESTAV, Mexico
Discussion (zoom) Recorded discussion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjYb5XAxMxQ

This session features four papers, which aim to rethink and experiment with education in the anthropocene, challenging us to rethink the ‘human’ in ‘humanitarianism, questioning the settler colonial logics inherent in the international development/aid industries, examining the effects of oligarchic capitalism and anthropocene, everyday nationalism in preschools in Hungary and Australia, discussing citizen training and sustainable development in Cuba, and re-imagining (non)formal education in a multi-grade elementary school in Brazil. Please view the recorded presentations and discussion with authors and invited discussants Marianne Larsen and Inés Dussel below:

‘Everyday Nationalism in Australian and Hungarian Preschools: Thinking about Relations Between Extreme Nationalism, Oligarchic Capitalism and the Anthropocene’ by Zsuzsa Millei and Sirpa Lappalainen (see abstract)

‘Formación ciudadana y desarrollo sostenible desde la gestión participativa en apoyo a la “Tarea Vida”‘ by Gilberto Batista, Presidente de la Asociación de Pedagogos de Cuba (see abstract)

‘Who is the Human in “Humanitarianism”? Settler Colonial Logics in the International Development/Aid Industries’ by Nisha Toomey, University of Toronto (see abstract)

‘What Matter(s) in Education Beyond the Human?’ by Janna Goebel, Arizona State University (see abstract)


Everyday nationalism in Australian and Hungarian preschools: Thinking about relations between extreme nationalism, oligarchic capitalism and the Anthropocene by Zsuzsa Millei and Sirpa Lappalainen


Formación ciudadana y desarrollo sostenible desde la gestión participativa en apoyo a la “Tarea Vida” by Gilberto Batista


‘Who is the Human in “Humanitarianism”? Settler Colonial Logics in the International Development/Aid Industries’ by Nisha Toomey, University of Toronto


‘What Matter(s) in Education Beyond the Human?’ by Janna Goebel


Nisha Toomey is a PhD candidate in Social Justice Education at the University of Toronto, currently working on a dissertation that examines why the fields of humanitarianism and international development tend to overlook land confiscation and theft. Nisha has been working on migrant justice issues as an educator and community organizer for over a decade, and is currently a member of No One Is Illegal- Toronto. She worked on the Thailand-Myanmar border for five years with a variety of education projects for undocumented and refugee youth. She is former managing editor of Critical Ethnic Studies and an advisory board member of Upping the Anti. She has authored numerous articles, most recently in the International Journal of Border and Migration Studies, and has a chapter forthcoming in the book Taking Responsibilities for Land and Reconciliation, edited by Ranjan Datta and Mel Sysing. E-mail: nishatoomey@gmail.com

Zsuzsa Millei is Professor in the Faculty of Education and Culture, Tampere University, Finland. She is interested in how childhood and early childhood institutions were and are being shaped by political changes and regimes, how young children actively negotiate those, and how geopolitical divisions order knowledge production. She explores ideologies of socialism and nationalism and how they frame childhood and educational realities; and politics in everyday life, such as everyday nationalism; or children’s political subjectivities and participation in political arenas created for and by them. Her current projects concern ‘Childhood and Nationalism’ and ‘(Post)Socialist Childhoods and Schooling’. E-mail: Zsuzsa.Millei@tuni.fi

Sirpa Lappalainen is an Associate Professor of Sociology at University of Eastern Finland. Her expertise is in sociology of education and qualitative methodology, especially in ethnographic approach. Her research interests are mainly in social and cultural processes of inclusions and exclusions related for example gender, racialisation, disability and nationalism. She has conducted research in various educational contexts from early childhood education to vocational upper secondary education and special education. In addition to that, she is an adjunct professor of social research in education, and a research fellow at the research group Social Studies in Urban Education (SURE) at the University of Helsinki. E-mail: Sirpa.Lappalainen@uef.fi

Gilberto Batista – Presidente de la Asociación de Pedagogos de Cuba, Director de la Sección de Ciencias Pedagógicas de la Comisión Nacional de Grados Científicos de la República de Cuba. Presidente, integrante y oponente a los tribunales que proponen el grado de Dr.Cs; Miembro del Consejo Técnico Asesor del Ministerio de Educación. Miembro del Pleno la Junta de Acreditación Nacional. Miembro del consejo científico de la Asociación de Pedagogos de Cuba, Decano de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación de la Universidad de Ciencias Pedagógicas “Enrique José Varona”. Profesor con 52 años de experiencia docente tanto en pregrado como en postgrado, ha publicado diferentes libros y artículos y participado en diferentes eventos nacionales e internacionales. E-mail: presidente@apc.rimed.cu

Janna Goebel is a Doctoral Candidate of Educational Policy and Evaluation in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. She is a Global Development Research Scholar through ASU’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability. With the support of First Solar and the United States Agency for International Development, Janna is completing her dissertation research based on her time on family-owned coffee plantations in rural, Southeastern Brazil. Janna’s research focuses on the ways that education can be conceptualized beyond the human. It explores how relationships among humans and the more-than-human world matter in how we approach sustaining life on our planet. Email: Janna.Goebel@asu.edu and Twitter: @JannaGoebel


Marianne A. Larsen is a Professor at the Faculty of Education, Western University in London, Canada. Her research and teaching have focused on re-thinking taken-for-granted assumptions about teachers and teaching; the local and the global; mobility and immobility. She has also been re-thinking her own relationship to the land; as she engages in efforts to re-wild our world, one plant and tree at a time.


Inés Dussel, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison (2001), is a currently a Full-Time Researcher at the Department of Educational Research, CINVESTAV, Mexico. Before that, she was researcher at FLACSO/Argentina from 2001 to 2011. She has published 10 books, edited 4, and has written close to 200 chapters in books and articles published in refereed journals. In 2018 she received the Humboldt Research Award, granted by the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung (Germany), in recognition of her research trajectory.

243 Responses

  1. What a beautiful collection of papers focused around a vital area of global interest and concern. I’m slowly working my way through all of them, and will try to make the discussion, pending the schedule and time difference.

    Zsuzsa and Sirpa, I very much enjoyed this comparative paper on childhood, nationalism, and bordering. It’s a bit outside my general area of research, but as an academic who was born in the USA but now lives in Australia, I find myself making implicit and explicit comparisons to the ‘great Australian life’ on a frequent basis. I’d love to read the paper and learn a bit more. Ahead of the online panel discussion, I’m wondering if you could share more about the unreflexive nature of these pedagogical examples, and how common you think this unreflexivity may be in both contexts. Conversely, are there (counter-)examples in the data of the forms of reflexivity that would be either ideal, or at perhaps better? And lastly, I can’t help but think about the notion of things being deemed Un-Australian, which is a common trope here, but one that can mean everything and nothing depending on who’s using it and how it’s used (for a comedic take on its usage in media, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch6IN8i5Rv0). The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, in fact invoked this phrase this week in reference to panic buying of goods due to COVID, suggesting this behaviour was Un-Australian and that people should ‘stop it’. I guess I’m just curious if this notion appeared either in your data or in the reading/theorising about nationalism/identity/bordering in the Australian context. Again, thanks heaps (as the Aussies say) for your excellent talk!

    Janna, this is an excellent video and fascinating study. I particularly appreciated the theoretical grounding and consistent multi-perspective-taking throughout the paper. I have two related questions, perhaps for elaboration in your discussion section, as I know the presentation timing constrains deeper elaboration. First, I’d love to hear more about your positionality within the research setting: how you aimed to position yourself; what relationships you aimed to cultivate; how you think your participants perceived you, etc. Second, I love the idea of the cameras/videos from participants, and it was interesting to see how the theme of death emerged so strongly. Can you say a bit more about how your positionality may have interacted with your interpretation of the participants’ perspectives? Were there moments when you realised/perceived your positionality as strongly influencing your interpretation of different pieces of data (e.g., death)? In other words, have you been able to (re)read your data with multiple lenses as you’ve moved back and forth between both different types of data (i.e., your observations, students’ photos), and perhaps also different perspectives from various participants and yourself as the researcher? Thanks! Great project and I look forward to reading/seeing more.

  2. I also found the papers fascinating and would love to hear the presenters’ responses to the above questions as well as the comments from the discussants. is there any way to access their comments? was the session recorded? thanks to everyone for this fascinating work!

  3. I also found the papers fascinating and would love to hear the presenters’ responses to the above questions as well as the comments from the discussants. is there any way to access their comments? was the session recorded? thanks to everyone for this fascinating work!

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