Early Childhood Education: Equity, Access, and Outcomes


 Presenter (s) Mathias Urban, Dublin City University; Janice Kim, University of Cambridge; Sylvia Nienhaus, University of Osnabrück

This symposium was organised by the Special Interest Group ‘Early Childhood Development’ Comparative and International Education Society, 64th annual conference, 2020. This virtual panel comprises three presentations (see below) about access and outcome inequalities in early childhood education and care (ECEC) from empirical as well as theoretical standpoints. In particular, longitudinal, multi-level and discourse analytical approaches are considered when dealing with cognitive as well as social-emotional learning and testing within ECEC development.

  • Analyzing interrelations between educational plans and educational inequalities in early childhood: The example of social-emotional competence, Sylvia Nienhaus, University of Osnabrück
  • Sustained Preschool Influence on Students’ Learning Outcomes in Adolescence: Longitudinal Evidence from Ethiopia Janice H Kim, University of Cambridge
  • The shape of things to come? Sustainability as dilemma and opportunity in Early Childhood Development, Education and Care Mathias Urban, Dublin City University

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