Developing Global Citizenship for Sustainable Development Beyond the Human


 Presenter (s) Samah Al Sabbagh, Education Above All/ROTA; Dahlia Maarouf, Education Above All/Al Fakhoora; Tareq Albakri, Education Above All/ROTA; David Mumo, Education Above All/EAC; Boran Choi, Education Above All/PEIC

This webinar focuses on content originally developed for a panel presentation at the CIES 2020 conference. In keeping with the CIES 2020 theme, Education Above All Foundation programmes will share insights from their 10+ years of supporting access and advocating for the protection of the right to education in disadvantaged communities affected by natural disasters or torn by conflict. Through its field-based experience supporting access to, protection of and delivery of quality education, the four panellists will highlight the significance of engaging children, young people, communities and groups in civic engagement programmes that raise awareness, develops empathy and nurtures action towards a more tolerant and more sustainable world- one that is beyond human. Panel participants from EAA’s four programmes will present the following:

  • Facilitating youth-led initiatives within GCED (ROTA)
  • Working with communities in Education for Sustainable Development (EAC)
  • Empowering marginalized youth through a comprehensive, holistic higher education scholarship programme (Al Fakhoora)
  • Equipping youth affected by conflict with key skills and knowledge for sustainable peacebuilding (PEIC)

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