a path to be and transcend: developing integral intelligence


 Presenter (s) Claudia Madrazo, Instituto DIA

What is the purpose and relevance of education today?
How can we empower educators and transform learning?

“a path to be and transcend” proposes the dia mediation methodology as a transcendent and broad vision of education, with ethical and aesthetic principles, that invites us to reflect and to act as actors involved in the environment we live and interact.

The dia pedagogical mediation derives from an iterative theoretical-practical construction process that has taken place, in different learning spaces, over the last 25 years. It offers a broad vision on the learning-teaching process for integral human development, considering the role of the educator, the learner, and knowledge in the 21st century, in which the promotion of self-knowledge, a sense of purpose, and greater awareness of the environment become more even more relevant.

This book seeks to share what we have learned about how to stimulate and nurture learning processes inside and outside of schools, which skills and competencies are valuable for mediating knowledge, and how to foster the human potential for practitioners to be able to lead in this changing world as intelligent, sensitive, flexible and committed beings in this complex and everchanging world.

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Join us for an interactive Webinar about this book: April 21st, 10am (CDT)

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