Exibitor – BurdaEducation

BurdaEducation provides fast, reliable worldwide educational printing and distribution services for the COVID-19 response and beyond. We print workbooks to accompany online, IRI or other lessons, self-guided instructional materials, support materials for parents, posters, and all other textbooks and teaching and learning materials. We distribute print materials and other educational tools such as USB drives and a range of electronic devices through global shipping and last mile distribution services.

BurdaEducation is part of the Hubert Burda Media Group and includes Burda West Africa, Burda East Africa, and BurdaDruck India. With over 12,000 employees worldwide, the Burda family of companies provides trusted leadership and cutting edge technology to ensure that your printing and distribution needs are handled professionally. Our printing plants in Europe and Asia offer all types of printing and can supply the entire range of materials need in education provision, whether at home or at school. For more information, visit www.burdaeducation.com.