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Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies is a digital resource that provides systematic and comprehensive coverage of education and childhood studies around the world.

Using highly structured and original content, users can easily study and compare countries through six key education levels: early childhood education, childhood, youth, primary education, secondary education, and higher education. Combined with existing eBooks, articles, and helpful research tools, students can study and build an understanding of education systems, policies, and the nature of childhood and youth experience in different countries throughout the world.

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About Bloomsbury Digital Resources

Bloomsbury Digital Resources provides creative online learning environments that support scholarly research and inspire students throughout the world. We seek to engage our users with academically rigorous, editorially crafted content that encourages people to think and explore. We believe in working in partnership with librarians, researchers and instructors to offer flexible solutions and unparalleled customer support, and we strive to create a culture of excellence and entrepreneurial thinking that is solutions-focused and rewards innovation.