Braiding & Sphering: Interactive Art Installation

Braiding & Sphering:
(In)forming Friends in a More-Than-Human World

Becky Christ and Amber Ward, inspired by the central threads of sympoiesis, invite vCIES 2020 conference attendees to make-with each other by braiding/sphering to embody and “re-situate the human within the relational flow of life where everyone and everything – both human and non-human – are deeply interconnected” (CIES, 2020). They find inspiration in Manning and Massumi (2014) who say the “relational environment is set up to make the outside a participant . . . the outside brings friends” (p. 64); Manning and Massumi continue: “to paint [or braid/sphere] with friends, is to become attentive to how the friends paint [or braid/sphere] in you” (p. 72). Thus, Becky and Amber use braiding/sphering in this interactive art installation as a making-with, a worlding-with each other, humans and non-humans alike, in educational spheres and . . .


After reviewing the introduction and video (above), consider how you might respond to the following questions.

  • What will you braid and why? Possibilities: materials, sounds, writings, movements, and . . . 
  • How will you document your braid(ing process) and why?​ Possibilities: photography, drawing, audio, video, and . . . 


Becky and Amber would like to collect your braiding process(es) and/or product(s) from social media posts in one place on their webpage:–sphering.html (they consider this our shared collective sphere). So, please consider posting on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter, using the following identifiers: ​#PickUpTheThreads​ #EdBeyondHuman #vCIES #CIES2020 #vCIES2020 @CIES_US

Questions? Please email Amber Ward at or Becky Christ at