Xavier Cortada


On Thursday, March 26th, vCIES 2020 Artist-in-Residence Xavier Cortada delivered a plenary speech to conference attendees. Originally, when the conference was to be hosted in Miami, Xavier anticipated giving a speech with a focus on sea-level rise and climate change. With the coronavirus pandemic upon us, Xavier discussed the interconnectedness of the issues at hand.


Xavier Cortada is Professor of Practice at the University of Miami Department of Art and Art History. The crux of Cortada’s work finds itself rooted in a deep conceptual engagement of his participants. Particularly environmentally focused, the work Cortada develops is intended to generate awareness and action towards issues of global climate change. The artist has exhibited and produced works internationally, including in Antarctica, Bolivia, Canada, Cyprus, Holland, Northern Ireland, Panama, Peru, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan and the North Pole. Cortada’s work is in the collections of the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), the NSU Museum of Art in Ft. Lauderdale, the Whatcom Museum, the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, the MDC Museum of Art + Design and the World Bank. Cortada, who was born in Albany, New York of Cuban refugee parents and grew up in Miami, holds undergraduate, graduate and law degrees from the University of Miami.

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